The List...

In no particular order...

  1. Be kissed on top of a ferris wheel.
  2. Surf.
  3. Make out with a girl.
  4. Wear an outfit made completely by me.
  5. Learn a second language.
  6. See The Great Wall of China.
  7. Kiss/Ride an elephant and dolphin.
  8. Meditate.
  9. Keep a handwritten journal for a year. 
  10. Raise non-fucked up children.
  11. Skydive.
  12. Visit Hawaii.
  13. Go to Italy and drink wine.
  14. Graduate High School.
  15. Make something actually cool from origami.
  16. Visit every state in America (not counting layovers).
  17. See the Pyramids.
  18. Sell something i created.
  19. Own a kayak.
  20. Drive over 100 mph.
  21. Solve a Rubik's cube (without cheating).
  22. Get a tattoo.
  23. Get hypnotized.
  24. Hug Kid Cudi.
  25. Muddeling. 
  26. Go to a talk show.
  27. Throw a surprise party.
  28. Hug Vic Fuentes.
  29. Learn to successfully drive a stick shift.
  30. Go to strip club.
  31. Kiss under mistletoe.
  32. Give blood.
  33. Hot air balloon ride.
  34. Cook an entire Thanksgiving meal, from scratch.
  35. Scuba dive.
  36. Ride Zip line.
  37. Be in protest.
  38. Have blonde, brown, black and red hair (not simultaneously).
  39. Travel around the world.
  40. See an Iceberg.
  41. Go camping in Death Valley (again).
  42. Spend one whole day naked.
  43. Go to an actual futbol game.
  44. Donate to Toys For Tots.
  45. Have something published.
  46. Live on my own.
  47. Punch someone in the face.
  48. Get a famous persons number.
  49. Get book signed by favorite author.
  50. Road trip.
  51. Summer love.
  52. Be a vegetarian for a year.
  53. Use a beday.
  54. See a licence plate from every state.
  55. See the Northern Lights
  56. Own Marc Jacobs
  57. Las Vegas Stratosphere rides.
  58. Knit a scarf
  59. Adopt a pet
  60. Get married 
  61. Run a marathon. 


  1. I love your bucket list! Especially #47, 23, and 10.
    How do you come up with these things to do?


  2. I found your youtube video and I had to see you list. It's awesome. Mine is sooo much longer but I love that you are making a smash book out of it! It looks great so far!



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